"Lisa has an incredible intuition about what the mind, body and spirit needs. Her energy work is rejuvenating and very healing.

No matter where Lisa is, she speaks and walks her truth, which just happens to resonate with my truth. It is really great to find someone who not only speaks my language, but teaches the wisdom that applies so well to my life." - Danielle, Science of Mind student

Soul Sessions
"I had the opportunity to have a soul regression with Lisa. I found her to be an insightful guide and was very pleased with healing I experienced. I would highly recommend her as a healer." - Claire

"Thanks to Lisa for her guidance along the path. Lisa’s calm and non-judgmental disposition made it easy for me to enter the space to experience the past life that was tied to the inter struggle I was going through at the time. Through our session, I found a greater understanding towards my current obstacles in my career and personal life. Lisa Marks is certainly someone whom you can trust to help you negotiate this journey to unravel the mystery within." - Patty

"I was amazed at what came out of the Soul Session I had with Lisa. It was very helpful and insightful. I would recommend this to anyone seeking a deeper meaning to their experiences in life." - Joe

Energy Work
"I have always been a positive person with a strong faith, which has brought me through many seasons. Life is hard. Sometimes chaotic and distracting where your soul, the sense of who you are, is just tired. During those seasons in life, it is hard to break thru the clutter and regain your perspective.

Lisa Marks' energy work brought healing and inner peace to life's situations. These sessions have empowered the sense of who I am, bringing me closer in my faith and regaining a healthier outlook on life." - Brenda

"Regular phone calls to Lisa help me stay grounded and centered. She has an ability to summarize the lesson I need to be learning in one powerful sentence and then it can become my mantra. I share the wisdom with my friends and often they will ask, "have you talked to Lisa lately?" hoping that I can share some new insight." - BJK