Monday, March 19, 2012

Nourishing the Soul - by Laurel Herman

As many of you know,  my involvement with cooking and organics is my mission. Healing through nourishment. I have an enormous schedule to live up to. It is filled to the brim with work and classes.
But lets look for a moment for the primary foods that nourish us most. There are the people and places that provide the sacred space in which we can grow, find peace in a busy world and connect.

Can you carve out an hour or two to fill that sacred space?  How about filling it with the energy of those who support you on your journey.  Better yet, to  just be in the presence of others that know and understand what it is like to stretch ourselves,  get out of our comfort zones and expand our hearts.

There is a little space with big heart, and soul that provides that very menu of comfort and support.
Inner Peace has two services a month.. and lots of really enriching programs, classes, and events. In the very sense of the word service......for your, mind, body and soul....make time to enjoy the richness
of the meal offered...Namaste.