Friday, July 13, 2012

Oh Where, Oh Where, Did My Status Quo Go??

Have you been wondering what the heck happened to the things in life that you thought you could count on? Have you been pondering why you feel disconcerted on the inside when things on the outside no longer look familiar?  Are you tired of the “new day, new rules” feeling every time you turn around? That’s because the sense of any sort of status quo (Webster’s defines it “as the current state of affairs”) is in constant flux. I’ve been feeling this way since January 1, 2001. And now, as we hit these ever higher vibrations, there will be less and less of the familiar to hold onto (with the opportunity to build a new familiar).

    Is there any good news in this? Of course there is! First of all, this is the Time of Authenticity, where if we are not following the path of our soul, we are going to be mighty uncomfortable. What does THAT mean??? It means that we have to go within and listen to the messages we are getting ALL THE TIME (yes, even YOU!), whether we realize it or not. If there is anything that you feel called to do that you haven’t attempted, the good news is also that NOW is the time. The whole work paradigm is changing – where it was really never acceptable to be unhappy in our work life, it is really very unacceptable now, and our souls will not let us be ok with that. In fact, if we aren’t in right placement, we will be moved in some fashion. Just know, there is something MUCH better coming!! The key, as I have discovered, is to stay as positive as you can, even if you aren’t feeling it. Do whatever you need to uplift yourself. For me, it’s music, guided visualizations, reading authors who resonate with me, and spending time in contemplation with my journal.

Secondly, this is the opportunity to define our lives on OUR terms, from the entrepreneur of us, the within of us, that knows our true desires, and what we came to the planet to accomplish. One of the big “aha”s  I’ve had is that these are the times I came here for, and that without me (as is true for you, as well) things will not evolve in the same way on our planet. That’s how important we are! Even in the chaos, there is harmony among the souls here, even if it doesn’t appear to be so. It is our job to define our own status quo, start acting “as if”, and taking a step daily to transform our lives to what is in alignment with who we are, as well as how we fit into the whole planetary scheme. Who we are DOES make a difference!!

    Are you ready to do things differently and redefine your status quo? Are you ready to act “as if”? My nephew, Jason, and I are offering a workshop that can help you get there. Come join us for “All The World’s MY Stage” that combines acting skills and spirituality  - and an opportunity to be video-taped acting “as if”. It will be fun, build confidence in yourself and your desires, and give you a taste of the possibilities that your soul has in store for you! Check out Inner Peace’s website for more information:

    Here’s to yours, mine, and ours new status quo! And So It Is!!