Sunday, July 10, 2011

Are You There for Your SELF?

I had a moment of deep awareness today as I was sitting with a client in counseling. Hearing the words I spoke coming from me made me really sit up and take notice of what I was saying for myself. And that certain feeling that I get when I know I’ve spoken a truth (vs. “the” truth – as we all have our own truths) was very present, and I was tingling all over from hearing them. And this is what I wish to share with you:

This time on the planet is so much about our relationship with Self. The call of the Soul is to truly “know thyself” – to be straight with our Selves above anyone/anything else, so that we can be available to others from our own point of feeling powerful; from our own point of feeling Self-love. How can we give to others what we are NOT willing to give to our own Selfhood? In moments of what my mentor, Kathryn Leeman, refers to as “eek, squeak, freak” , we tend to abandon ourselves and go running to someone else or something else for validation. But you know what? If we are not there for Self, it won’t matter what anyone else says to us or does for us – it won’t fill the void that only WE can provide for and to our Self. It is in those moments to stop and have compassion for our own experience, to do something that “soothes the savage beast” that we can be to ourselves– be it music, or being out in nature, or cuddling with a pet…however we can best bring the Self back to center.

I believe that what is going on on the planet right now – the assent into 2012 (which I feel we’ve been in for the last couple of years) is why we are here NOW. We, who are awake and aware, are here to shine our Light and Love as far and as wide as we can imagine it going. But again, how can we do that for anyone else if we are not doing that for our Self? We are here NOW because – yes! – we chose to be. We are here NOW – yes – because we are the exact medicine (in Native American terms) that this planet needs. We are here NOW – yes! – to help Gaia survive and thrive for generations to come. Is there some big plan for all this? Perhaps in the Universal One there is – but for us, as individual Spirits having a human experience, it is as simple as “just” Being Who We Are: BEing that Light that shines, BEing that Love that flows from us. As we accept ourselves in this moment as the Divine Expressions that we are, we heal the planet. As we accept ourselves in this moment as that Divine Expression, we can claim all our relationships healed - the mirrors of how we view ourselves. This is the season of the Visionary – visioning our life dream (and our dream for life on planet Earth) –  and we must be in alignment with our Self in order for that to occur as we would desire.

I love the words to this song: “Come on, people NOW, smile on your brother (and sister!!!). Everybody get it together, gotta love one another right NOW.” And realizing – and this is one of my favorite things ever said from the Conversations with God material – that there is truly “only one of us in the room”  - loving Self IS loving All.

This is a favorite Louise Hay affirmation that is fitting for these thoughts: “I love and approve of myself EXACTLY as I Am!” When I do that for me, it out-pictures ten-fold in my relationships AND my world!

Blessings on your journey…

Rev. Lisa Marks