Monday, June 6, 2011

Soul Sessions

I’ve been in a great state of anticipation and excitement this morning as I’ve prepared to start this blog. What would I want to impart to readers? How can this blog be of service to those who read it?

Always, in all of my work, it’s about self-empowerment, loving and appreciating Self, knowing ourselves at a deeper level – and allowing ourselves to “go there” with ourselves to have a richer experience of life on the planet. Truly, we are a soul having a human experience. We chose to – so why not make it the best experience we’ve ever had in our travels through the Universe?

I conduct Soul Sessions at my center, Inner Peace, in Richmond, Va. As a trained regressionist, I was guided after a couple of years to change what I do to these Soul Sessions, and allow the soul to guide the process. There are elements of past lives that generally come up, but more than that, the soul knows what experience is needed to heal what is standing in the way of being fully integrated in this life  – and it happens swiftly and clearly. These have been some of the most awesome opportunities I’ve had – being with people through these experiences, guiding and observing, and feeling so honored to see people leave my office in such a different space. I can see it on their faces. I always hear “I feel so much lighter!” Indeed! Everyone gets what they came for – and more.

So, what is it to feel so much “lighter”?  Yes, it’s a very visceral feeling, some have described it as being “blissed/blessed out”. But even deeper than that, it’s to be absolutely, completely infused with the Light that you already are! To release what you may have been carrying with you from other places and times, including your past in this lifetime, and to shine your Light far and wide -  which is so crucial for the planet today. And along with that Light is the Love that you are and share in this world. There is no more power-FULL combination than that! YOU are a “Light-er” in your life, spreading light wherever you go!

That’s my encouragement for you this week – to be the Light ( a “Light-er”) and Love that you are – to yourself first: ALWAYS to yourself first – and then it will automatically carry out into your/the world. And your affirmation: “I Am the Light of the World. I am infused with the Universal Love that dwells within.”

And So You Are! And So It IS!

Rev. Lisa Marks