Friday, December 30, 2011

The Path is Ever Changing

Yes, once again walking the labyrinth experiences!
            Interestingly enough, the path felt completely different as I walked last week. I actually thought I had mis-stepped somehow (don’t we ALL experience that??), and I was disconcerted for quite a few minutes, feeling somewhat disoriented; but since I have learned to “walk where my feet are”, I continued the path as it was. And guess what? It didn’t let me down, and led me where I wanted to go! Now is that a metaphor for life or what??!!
            Yes, the path is ever-changing. It’s when we accept and flow with that change (as I chose to do in the labyrinth) that we can see the perfection in it. It may be that we go on faith and trust the flow of our path (yes, sometimes blindly!), as truly, we are never off of it! It may be that we are seeing that path with fresh eyes, and have a new awareness and appreciation for where we are on the path! Or, as has been going around in my mind, “everything old is new again” – and we make it so! Life has many twists and turns, and avoiding them is not the answer – being fully present in those moments is the key, gaining what we need to gain in order to function more presently in our lives. While we may feel that we stray off the path from time to time, we need to realize that no matter what, we are where we are. Period. No judgment, no regret, no wishing it were different, acknowledging the perfection. It can be so exciting!
            Also this past week, I participated in a labyrinth walk with a group of people on the Solstice. The path was very full that evening, with everyone carrying a lit candle – and this is how I viewed it: many, many people will cross our path throughout our life. Some may be familiar, some may be walking the path closely beside us, some may be strangers, some may be in a hurry, while some may be very, very slow. But everyONE of them is the Light; as am I, as are you! We may move out of the way for some – some may stand to the side for us –  we may come face-to-face with others, we may avoid some, some may cross our path for but a second…AND, we are all on the path together. We are ALL shining our light at the rate of vibration that is comfortable for us. At some level, we all recognize that, and know that the sea of humanity that we meet along the way all have the same basic desires: for peace, for love, for connection. If we can be cognizant of that, and just smile at everyone we meet, we create the Light as we go.
I have been so grateful for these walking meditations, and the enlightenment they’ve brought me. I feel it helping me to walk my path – the one outside of the labyrinth – in a more conscious, peaceful, purposeful way. We are called in this coming year to find those avenues to peace (inner and outer) to help us stay on an even keel as we navigate 2012. We are here to be examples of the Light  - much needed in our world in this NOW!
Here’s to Being the Light on the ever-changing path of Life!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Surrendering into love

Another labyrinth walk this morning.

My Science of Mind class/friends met me there, and we walked as a group. It was wonderful to share such sacred time with these amazing women. The insights that everyone left with were stunning and honoring of each individual path, and us as a unit. We are a very connected group, and it was so incredible for me to share this experience with them. My heart is full of gratitude.

I found myself in the petal of surrender this morning, and it was so appropriate to stand there and soak in that energy. It is absolutely what I intend to do as much as possible, but realize that actually getting there can be difficult for me, because I feel I need to be in control of my destiny. But what I’ve learned is, I’m not in control of anything! My life reflects that in many ways, AND I see that as good. Being “out of control” speaks to detachment, it speaks to allowing, it’s speaks – most of all – to trusting: something I don’t think I do very well, but that I am seeing I must do more than I give myself credit for. At the core of me, from the depths of my soul, I know all is well, and all is as it “should” be. For now. Understanding that all there is, is change: Opportunity to choose again; Opportunity to allow life to flow FOR me, as well as FROM me.

I walked out of the petal and stood in the area between the petals, which is Love. I heard, as I stood there, “ Surrender IN Love, surrender TO Love, surrender INTO Love.” Recently, there have been a couple of situations that I have had to surrender to – not giving away my power to them, but maintaining my power from that place of my own integrity, and letting it be what it is for now. That doesn’t take away the pain necessarily that I feel, or looking at my responsibility in calling these things into my experience; but it also allows me to realize that there is a bigger picture here, and opportunity for growth for all involved, especially me. Surrendering allows me to look at things as an observer – and as the observer, detaching from  the “up close and personal”, I ask myself what the best way is to be the face of love, the face of compassion, the face of understanding in letting everyone be who they are, where they are, in the situation. I’m not saying I always achieve that, but it is my intent, and I get there easier these days, with much more love, compassion, and understanding for ME first, and then for everyone/thing involved.

It’s the holiday season. It brings out the light and shadow in all of us – the best and the worst, the joy and the sorrow/depression, depending on our particular circumstances. I recommend finding the things about the holidays that you DO enjoy – for me it would be the lights and the music – and immerse yourself in those. That’s the gift you give yourself – allowing you to be where you are. And then, surrender INTO the love of this time and beyond – it is palpable if you intend to feel it, as much or as little as you can handle. Be ok with what is for you. Instead of trying to control everything, allow yourself to be “out of control” and see how much more easily this time unfolds before you. This time, anytime, all time – it’s one and the same.

Always, in all ways, “to thine own self, be true”.

My wish for you, for me, for Gaia, and our global family, is to surrender into the love that we have the potential for on this planet, that we came here with, that we ALREADY are – and let it spread to all corners of the Universe… and experience the dissolving of anything less than that here and NOW! Will you join me in that vision? All it takes is to intend it, and see how YOUR world reflects that, which will outpicture to the greater whole! Imagine what our world could look like 1 minute from now, 1 hour from now…1 year from now…

And So It IS!