Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Update on Dr. Leeman's Richmond Offerings

The Healing Heart Retreat we posted about previously has been rescheduled for early next Spring. Dr. Kathryn Leeman will still offer Song of the Soul as scheduled. There are NO pre-requisites for the retreat. All you will need is the Carolyn Myss Sacred Contracts Archetypes Cards, a journal, some walking shoes, and the rest will be given to you upon your registration.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dr. Kathryn Leeman Returns to Richmond

Dr. Kathryn Leeman, an Inner Peace favorite, returns to Richmond in November with another Healing Heart Retreat and a new workshop! Dr. Leeman is a transpersonal psychologist who has led transformational workshops and journeys all over the world for over 25 years.

The Healing Heart Retreat allows you to communicate with your soul to discover what truly has heart and meaning to you NOW in your life. Do you often feel alone and have no one to relate to? Do you have a longing inside, yet cannot put it into words? Come find your passion, be with people of like-mind and heart, and watch your life take on a new direction. Release the pain and suffering of past incidents, have your heart cradled, experience unconditional love (perhaps for the first time), while expanding your awareness of who you really are.

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During this time of unprecedented individual and planetary increase, many of us are wondering why we are here.  The collective reality continues to fluctuate and rumble, as it releases old outdated structures and systems; while attempting to align with the new beliefs and structures of an increasingly conscious humanity.

Many of us feel we are experts when it comes to the experience of darkness, yet novices when it comes to living in the light.  Let it be known that the time has come for us to move out of the shadow and into the light!  One of the foci of this weekend workshop is to assist you in moving beyond your own criticism and judgment of yourself and into love and gratitude for the entirety of your Being.

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