Monday, September 5, 2011

Weathering Life’s Storms

Mother Nature certainly is communicating!! Up close and personal!

The east coast has been fairly slammed this past week with some interesting weather! First it was an earthquake – which rarely happens in our part of the country – and then Hurricane Irene. I’m one of those folks that really believes that the consciousness of an area affects the weather – but I also truly believe that there is a delicate (even though it certainly doesn’t feel that way) balance that the Earth is striving to achieve.

When I was just 4 years old, my family was caught in a flood. We had just been on our first family outing to Monticello since moving to Va., and coming home, our car got dumped into a sea that used to be a road, prior to the rain.  My parents pulled us out of the car by our hair underwater, and we sat on top of the car calling for help until it sunk. We lost a brand new 1960 convertible and all our belongings that day – but we were all, thankfully, intact. We were literally hanging onto trees until lifeboats came to pull us out of the water. It is my most vivid memory – it could have happened yesterday – and I was afraid of storms most of my life after that. My sense of safety about being on the planet was taken away as a result of that experience, and sometimes I still have to remind myself that I am safe.

The biggest healing I’ve had with all that began, surprisingly enough, with Hurricane Isabel, some 10 years ago. I decided to embrace the storm and opened all my windows and let the energy of the storm come right into my house. It was very freeing! With Hurricane Irene, I not only opened the windows and embraced the storm, I went outside and stood in it! It was absolutely amazing – thrilling, even! And I was inspired to write the following:

Sitting within the music of the perfect storm,
Energetic melodies of wind and rain.
Devastatingly beautiful in its perfection,
Wreaking sweet havoc in its wake.

Surrendering to its rhythmic power,
Exhilarating in its authentic form.
Nothing to do – no thing to be –
Just true to its own soul.

For me, all of this brings up how we weather life’s storms. We all experience upheavals in our lives – be it that they feel like we’ve just erupted like a major earthquake, or the “hurricanes of the soul” that we experience. What is the wake that we leave for ourselves, and those in our path, in the aftermath of these storms?  Is there some fracture in our structure that we can heal once and for all? Do we allow ourself to feel the quiet after the storm – the stillness of just Being and breathing?

verything truly is energy – us, our weather, everything that is within our Universe…so, truly, we are One with all of it. Weather can be very metaphoric for our lives; and I believe vice versa, as well.

Vibrationally, I feel that we could be seeing more of this unsettling weather sooner than later – may I suggest blessing it, loving it, sending our own powerful energy to it, and helping it neutralize with gratitude for its awesomeness, its beauty, its intent to cleanse the earth, and its absolute perfection. AND may I suggest that we do these same things for ourselves in the aftermath of our own personal storms, expecting that the sun WILL come out as an end result!

And So It IS!!

Rev. Lisa Marks

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