Saturday, July 26, 2014

Hello, Again

Who hasn’t had the experience of meeting someone for the first time and yet knowing that there was something just SO familiar about them, someone we may be instantly attracted to, or even repelled by? I daresay we have all had that experience at some time or other in our lives. I believe we recognize each other at a soul level – at a mutually agreed upon time and place where we come together for whatever purpose there might be: a continuation of a relationship, an opportunity to complete/have closure, a re-do, perhaps – but there is always something on a soul level to achieve, or we wouldn’t find ourselves on each other’s path.
            It’s fascinating to recognize this when it occurs. A “chance” encounter, an introduction, a mutual hobby or interest that you engage in – but there he/she is! And when that recognition hits, when you’ve (re)connected…the guides and angels are cheering in the ethers because they know the fun that is about to ensue! It may not feel that way – it could be difficult and arduous to clear whatever you’ve come together to clear. But it can also be absolutely wonderful – like meeting a long lost friend whom you haven’t seen in “forever”, and your souls dance in their recognition of the deep love that is there. Whatever the situation for you and your “soulmate”, there is always so much love behind it – or you wouldn’t have found each other again to do this dance with through time.
            One of my favorite stories is Neale Donald Walsch’s The Little Soul and the Sun, where two souls reconnect to experience that part of themselves known as forgiveness. The one soul agrees to come back and show the Little Soul just what forgiveness looks like. In essence the soul says, “When I come back and do the worst that I can do to you (to teach you forgiveness), don’t forget who I Am, or we are both sunk.”  (that’s a real paraphrase there!) The Little Soul promises that he won’t forget, and God says, “I send you nothing but angels.” I can’t tell you how that phrase has repeated in my head in trying situations with others; and in contrast, the beautiful ones, as well.
            I’ve been fortunate to have this happen in my life more than once, and to have the recognition of those persons – both positive and definitely not positive, in one particular case. I have always understood the intent of these encounters.  I feel these are among our most significant relationships, for they are the ones that mirror who we are to each other. In the past couple of years, I’ve had one such angel reappear in my life, and the magnitude of the recognition has not escaped me..either of us, actually..and the dance our souls have done.  It’s not the first time, no, that this has occurred for me, but this has been quite lovely in the joy and fun I have derived from this reconnecting. And the learning.  And the remembering.  And yes, even some forgiving.
As a regressionist (Soul Sessions), I have helped other people find and understand the connections of soul to soul. How they have known each other before, in whatever role they have played for each other – whether it be parent, sibling, lover, friend, child – brings to light the gifts inherent in that relationship, and how they are furthering each other’s soul mission in being brought together again. It is truly so Divine, and, by the way, no accident!!
            Why do I share this? Because it’s another way to know that we are not alone here on the planet, especially in those times when we feel that could be the case. Because if we but open our eyes, we know there are those significant relationships that bring us what we most need when we most need it (ok, we might not appreciate that right away, but if we allow ourselves to ride the experience, we will). Because however you label it, it is a heart opener. Because there is so much love in the Universe for us, that these souls agree to come here and remind us of that deep connection that really only resides within each of us, but outpictures in those we draw to us in our lives. It is nothing short of a blessing and a gift. You have been that for another, as another has been that for you!
            I’m sure that as you have read this, someone(s) has come to mind for you. Either send them love if they are gone or not close to you, or go give them a hug!!
            “I send you nothing but angels.” – Neale Donald Walsch

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Holiday Open House

Open House - Saturday, December 7th
A Center for Spiritual Education and Healing
1893 Billingsgate Circle, Suite B, Richmond, Va. 23238; (804) 350-6743
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Qi To Wellness & Inner Peace


Saturday, Dec 7


Demos/Presentations (free)
10:00  Welcome and networking (all)
10:30  Yoga for Health/Energy (Anna)
11:15  Guided Meditation (Rev. Lisa C. Marks, M.Ed)
11:45  Breathing Exercise (Omar Collins)
12:30  Acupuncture & You (Susan Sandlin)
01:15  Mindful Nourishment (Aqiylah Collins)

(*order of presentations subject to change*)


Personal Sessions ($1/min/ 20 min. max)
Bio Mat Sessions - Rev. Lisa
Chakra Clearings - Rev. Lisa
AromaTouch - Omar/Aqiylah
Holiday Survival - Aqiylah
Silent Auction
Items to include wellness sessions, coaching, energy work, aromatherapy, etc.


Courtesy of Laurel Herman
Gift certificates available for holiday giving!